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Exercises to improve and strengthen your back

Looking for the best exercises to build strong and defined back muscles? Good back exercises are the cornerstone of developing impressive lats and should not be overlooked.

It is also important to include exercises that target both the lower and upper back muscles, as this helps maintain correct posture and keeps your body in proportion.

Workout contains the best back exercises that will help build big upper and lower muscles to be proud of. Add these upper and lower back exercises to your weekly routine and soon you can brag to your peers about how many pushups you can do.


Pull-ups are a great bodyweight exercise to work your back and arms, as well as a tough test of muscle capacity and strength. The wide grip focuses more attention on the upper and middle back, and the chest. It is a very difficult exercise to master and requires a great deal of upper body strength.

Seated Row

Seated rowing is a great way to work your back muscles. Varying the separation of your hands concentrates the intensity in different areas of the back. Because it is a shooting exercise, it also works your biceps.

Exercise Superman

The superman is an effective exercise to strengthen the lower back. It is relatively easy to master and is done by beginners. It is a complementary exercise to the contraction of the abdomen, since it works the opposing muscles of the back to create a balanced workout.

Quadruped Exercise

The quadruped is an effective exercise for the development of the central and lower back, and is performed on all fours, lifting one arm and one leg, holding. The extension of the hips and shoulders means that it gives both the upper and lower parts of the body a great workout while improving balance and overall coordination.



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