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Tips to speed up metabolism easily

If you are overweight, or just want to eliminate those other love handles, the best way to start is by speeding up your metabolism, that’s why I will give you five (5) tips to speed up your metabolism with ease.

The metabolism is in charge of processing and converting the nutrients in food into the energy that the body needs to correctly fulfill all its functions, such as digestion, maintaining body temperature, circulating blood, and eliminating waste from the body. body through urine and feces. Which means that we not only use this energy when we exercise or walk, we also use it when we are at rest. This is why, if you have a slow metabolism, this energy that the body must process, accumulates in the form of fat, and thus you increase your weight, or failing that, you cannot lose weight.

You may have inherited your family’s metabolism, which is slow, but you are not necessarily doomed to settle for it for life and be overweight. It is always possible to “educate” him in such a way that he works correctly for you, and does not act against you. When we modify our metabolism, speeding it up, we guarantee that energy does not accumulate in our body and turn into fat, thereby expending the calories we need to lose weight quickly.

If your goal is to eliminate that fat that you hate so much, and lose weight, you should follow these unmissable tips to accelerate the metabolism that will help you a lot:

  1. Drink enough water

Drinking large amounts of water daily is essential to speed up metabolism, as it speeds up digestion and burns calories. At least 8 glasses of water a day are recommended, which represents approximately 2 liters; but if you want to speed it up even more, the recommended thing is about 3 liters a day. To drink water!

  1. Eat several times a day

By eating several times a day, about 6 times, in small amounts, you force your body to be always active throughout the day, making your metabolism speed up considerably.

  1. Eat properly

It is not only about eating several times a day, because you do nothing if you make several meals that have fried foods or sugar in large quantities. In fact, if you do this, you will achieve the opposite effect: you slow down your metabolism. You must consciously choose the foods that you are going to eat in your meals, and for this you must think about how your body is going to metabolize them; this way, it will be easier to get used to it. There are foods that naturally help speed up the metabolism, such as grapefruit and tuna.

  1. Eat breakfast every day

You can never skip breakfast! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and although they are all important, breakfast can give you an extra help, since if you eat breakfast before an hour after getting up, you speed up your metabolism, as you wake it up quickly. Likewise, the metabolism manages to better regulate glucose and insulin levels, and it does not have the need to accumulate energy in the form of fat.

As breakfast is so important for our body, it is necessary that you eat something really nutritious in this meal. Ideally, you should eat a little carbohydrates, such as oatmeal or whole wheat bread, and protein, such as eggs.

  1. Drink green tea

Green tea is a great source of antioxidants, and as it has a high percentage of theine, it makes your body activate and accelerate, through thermogenesis. By consuming green tea, you burn fat faster, and therefore lose weight more easily.

Always keep in mind that if you want to follow these tips to speed up your metabolism, you cannot stop eating, as it will be worse. Apply these simple tips and accompany them with a balanced diet and daily exercise.



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